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Group Property Insurance

The Association’s Group Property Insurance Program, is one of the more tangible benefits of Association membership, as members realize an immediate cost-savings simply because they are a member of the California Fresh Fruit Association. Participants should expect considerable cost savings and enhanced coverages when compared with existing insurance policies, in some cases offsetting the cost of annual Association membership dues.

The program is marketed by Buckman-Mitchell, Inc., Visalia, who has more than 90 years in the business. Buckman-Mitchell created a Group Property Insurance program for League members in 1993, as a way to combine purchasing power of Association members.

20 Association shipper members are participating in the general policy program, representing nearly $300 million in insured values. The program is exclusively available to Association shipper members and includes a specifically designed manuscript policy form.

The underwriter of the program, Farmland Insurance/Nationwide Agribusiness, is an A+15 rated agribusiness insurance specialist. The group program allows greater ability to stabilize insurance premiums over the long-term, and is designed to eliminate fluctuations in market condition. Purchasing power extends to general liability, automobile, umbrella, and other coverages.

In addition to cost-savings, group participants are eligible to receive dividends based on overall group performance results. The dividends are declared annually but based on three years of results. Dividend incentives are a rare find with today’s insurance marketplace.

To obtain more information or a quote please contact Brent Swanson at 800.828.3795.

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