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Member Links

Grower, Shipper and Marketer Members

Below are listed are the Association’s grower, shipper and marketer members who have websites (this is not a complete listing of all member companies). These companies grow, pack and ship the finest quality tree fruit, fresh grapes and berries in the world.

Adobe Creek Packing Co.

Anthony Vineyards, Inc.

R. Bagdasarian, Inc.

Bari Produce

Brandt Farms

Delano Farms

D. M. Camp & Sons

M. Caratan, Inc.

Circle K Ranch

Continente Nut, LLC

Dayka & Hackett, LLC

Del Mar Farms

DJ Forry Co., Inc.

A.D.P. DePalma Farms, Inc.

DiBuduo Fruit Co.

Jakov P. Dulcich & Sons

David J. Elliot & Son

F & C Farming

Family Tree Farms

Flavor Tree Fruit Co.

Fowler Packing Company, Inc.

Four Star Sales

Fruit Patch Sales, LLC

Gerawan Farming, Inc.

Greene and Hemly, Inc.

Giumarra Vineyards Corporation

Golden Maid Packers

HMC Farms

David Jackson Farms

Jasmine Vineyards, Inc.

Johnson Family Ranch

Kingsburg Orchards

La Vina Ranch

Lamanuzzi & Pantaleo

Moonlight Companies

Morada Produce Company, LP

Mountain View Fruit Sales, Inc.

Munger Bros., LLC

C. J. Olson Cherries

Pandol Bros., Inc.

Paramount Citrus

Paramount Farming Company

The Peterson Family

Phillips Farms Marketing

Prime Harvest, Inc.

P-R Farms, Inc.

Rast Produce Company, Inc.

Rivermaid Trading Company/Wespak, Inc.


Sarabian Farms

Scattaglia Growers & Shippers, LLC

Schellenberg Farms

Scully Packing Co.

Shafer Family Farm

Simonian Fruit Company

The Specialty Crop Company

Stevco, Inc.

Sunfresh International, LLC

Sundale Vineyards

Sun Valley Packing

Sun World International, LLC

Sunwest Fruit Company, Inc.

Tri-Boro Fruit Co., Inc.

Trinity Fruit Sales Co.

Warmerdam Packing, LP

Wawona Packing Co., LLC

Wil-Ker-Son Ranch & Packing Co.

Wilson & McCall, Inc.

Marko Zaninovich, Inc.

V. B. Zaninovich & Sons, Inc.

Associate Members

Below is a Resource Directory of the Association’s Associate members who have web sites (this is not a complete listing of all member companies). All members are encouraged to support the Associate members by using their services or products.