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California Grape & Tree Fruit League Honors Dave Biswell As Supplier Of The Year!

Dave Biswell, center, accepts the supplier of the year award from the California Grape & Tree Fruit League as Gale Rocha, left, and Ian Burnett look on.

The California Grape & Tree Fruit League honored Dave Biswell, founder of Ethylene Control Inc., as supplier of the year at the trade group’s annual meeting March 23-25 in Ojai.

The award was created in 1991 to recognize individuals respected by both customers and competitors who have shown a commitment to the wider industry.

Biswell has been a member of the Fresno-based league for more than 20 years. He served on multiple committees and was for four years chairman of the Tri-County Produce Golf Tournament. In 1996 he chaired the suppliers committee, the same year that his brother Steve Biswell was league chairman.

Dave Biswell started Selma-based Ethylene Control in 1986. His product removes ethylene gas from a storage room or shipping container, allowing fresh produce and floral to be held longer without decay.

Source: The Packer