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Our Main Focal Point: Water!

President's Message

Friday, June 27th 2014

CFFA President,

Welcome to the California Fresh Fruit Association’s website. We hope you find the information here valuable and we encourage you to contact us with any suggestions or questions.

As we approach our nation’s birthday, the mid-point of the tree fruit harvest and the beginning of the fresh table grape harvest in the San Joaquin valley, the main focal point remains on water. Both in terms of a potential bond which could appear on the November ballot as well as what will be proposed to regulate groundwater.

The bond presents an opportunity to secure up to $3 billion to support new above ground storage with continuous appropriations. This remains the primary goal for most of production agriculture. The challenge is that with demand for Delta restoration, water improvements for disadvantaged communities and other environmental demands along with expected attempts for special projects (aka pork), the level of an overall bond package looks to easily exceed the $6 billion that the Governor wishes.

On the front related to groundwater regulation, we continue to stress the point that any new regulations in this area must be achieved with an eye toward the necessity of increasing storage and conveyance so that farmers have a the ability to recharge the groundwater supply with additional surface water supplies. Just to limit or regulate groundwater with the conjunctive use process will not result in a meaningful solution.

And on another note that is truly discouraging, it appears that the chances of immigration reform, which is so vital to our members, will not be accomplished this year in spite of the elevation of Congressman Kevin McCarthy to House Majority Leader. More and more it appears that we will see fruit and vegetable rotting in the fields before Congress decides to act. 

Be sure to watch for the formal announcement and roll out of our new name, California Fresh Fruit Association!

Thank you for visiting our site and we sincerely hope that you will visit again soon.