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President’s Message Dec 18, 2015

President's Message

Friday, December 18th 2015

CFFA President,

Welcome to the California Fresh Fruit Association’s website. We hope you find the information here valuable and we encourage you to contact us with any suggestions or questions.

Christmas is rapidly approaching and thoughts turn more and more towards the holidays. In Washington, D.C., Congress is completing its work for the year with decidedly mixed results. A month or so ago there were high hopes for an agreement on a water bill that would recognize the apparent opportunity that lies ahead of us in the coming months related to an expected El Nino impact that could provide substantial additional water resources to the state if properly managed. California’s Central Valley Congressional delegation was involved in intense discussions with the state’s senior Senator to work out differences between House and Senate legislation. Unfortunately the optimism melted the second week of December when details of a 90 page water bill became public and the accusations began to fly. Democrats complained that the deal was not totally cooked and negotiations kept some members from that side of the aisle out of the process. The “premature” release of the bill was viewed as a way to jam and roll the Senator into immediate action. Republicans countered that time was of the essence and “most” details had already been agreed and that in fact the Democrats were never really in favor of improving water policy for agriculture and Southern California. Finger pointing became an art form but unfortunately once again nothing was accomplished. The questions remains when and who will step up to accomplish something rather than just seemingly wanting to make political points to disparage the opposition. On the positive side, Congress did pass an omnibus spending bill which included some very good things for agriculture. Namely, a repeal of the COOL regulations relating to meat which will avoid retaliatory tariffs from Canada and Mexico, a continuation of IRS code section 179 as well as bonus depreciation provision which will further stimulate the economy and provided additional resources to FDA to help implement the Food Safety Modernization Act. So all was not lost, but in reality, Congress needs to figure out a way to become more productive and less partisan. Now that really is a Christmas wish!  We look forward to representing our membership and working with other associations for the overall benefit of California agriculture. Thank you for visiting our site and we sincerely hope that you will visit again soon. 

Thank you for visiting our site and we sincerely hope that you will visit again soon.