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President’s Message July 2015

President's Message

Thursday, July 16th 2015

CFFA President,

Welcome to the California Fresh Fruit Association’s website. We hope you find the information here valuable and we encourage you to contact us with any suggestions or questions.

 We now find ourselves not only in the fourth year of a continuing drought but in the “dog days” of summer where the expectations for 100 degree temperatures are a daily expectation. So how is the fresh fruit sector of permanent crops faring during this challenging time and season? Well, in the short term, not so bad as growers and shippers continue to show their resiliency by producing this harvest season consistently good quantities and excellent quality for tree fruit and table grapes. However, as we expand the horizon to look out at 5, 10 or even 20 years we can see that unless the consuming public better understands and values a domestic food supply, we may be looking toward a   future that holds less overall agricultural production for California. This reduction would be due to the lack of availability of the essential resources of water and labor as it relates to the implementation of groundwater management regulations, the lack of further needed additional water storage facilities and associated conveyance and the failure once again to address the need for a legal and stable workforce. How do we prevent this potential scenario of contraction from becoming a reality? Certainly easier said than done but we can start by passing legislation such as Congressman David Valadao’s HR 2898 that focuses on many essential water needs for the western United States. We know that there is still a challenging Senate and hostile Administration ahead to deal with but this effort must be made. In addition, we can never forget that comprehensive immigration reform is a key component for the future and cannot be ignored indefinitely. All in all, we need leaders in Sacramento and Washington DC to understand that it takes water and labor to grow the food that consumers love both here and abroad. We look forward to representing our membership and working with other associations for the overall benefit of California agriculture. Thank you for visiting our site and we sincerely hope that you will visit again soon. 

Thank you for visiting our site and we sincerely hope that you will visit again soon.