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Priority Lists For 2014

President's Message

Monday, April 21st 2014

CFFA President,

Welcome to the California Fresh Fruit Association’s website. We hope you find the information here valuable and we encourage you to contact us with any suggestions or questions.

At the beginning of this year, immigration reform sat at the top of our priority list for action. While the need for reform remains a vital goal for our association members, the lack of water in the state has now clearly taken over the spotlight. The third year of extreme drought has meant that most of the growers in the Central Valley have no access to water from either federal or state projects. This means that the source of their water must come from groundwater reserves that have to be pumped from far below the surface. This pumping of groundwater and the resulting decrease in the level of underground aquifers has led to calls for statewide groundwater management programs. While oversight is needed, to thoughtfully address the issue in times of such crisis is challenging. Our association is working constructively with other agricultural groups in a three pronged approach to help solve our water crisis:

  1. Work with state officials to manage groundwater on a groundwater basin to basin approach with as much local control as possible recognizing landowner rights. Understand that one size cannot fit all.
  2. Work to produce a water bond for the November California ballot that address long term storage and conveyance needs.
  3. Work with representatives in the U.S. Senate to produce a bill that can be conferenced with the already passed H.R. 3964 so the issues surrounding environmental issues and needed flexibility in moving water from one area of the state to another can be accomplished most efficiently as possible. 

Water and labor remain the two most vital inputs for agriculture. The time, to put off decisions related to water infrastructure improvements as well as needed immigration reform, has passed.

Thank you for visiting our site and we sincerely hope that you will visit again soon.