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President's Messages

  • As we approach our nation’s birthday, the mid-point of the tree fruit harvest and the beginning of the fresh table grape harvest in the San Joaquin valley, the main focal point remains on water. Both in terms of a potential bond which could appear on the November ballot as well as what will be proposed to regulate groundwater.

  • Harvest of stone fruit is now well under way. Yields, quality and prices are generally favorable. The cherry crop is completed in the south valley and nearly so in the Lodi/Delta area. Unfortunately Mother Nature decided to reduce that crop by almost two-thirds so even though boxes prices were extremely high, no one is jumping up and down. Fresh table grapes are coming off well in the Coachella Valley and are expected to begin harvest in the lower San Joaquin Valley the week of June 16th.

  • At the beginning of this year, immigration reform sat at the top of our priority list for action. While the need for reform remains a vital goal for our association members, the lack of water in the state has now clearly taken over the spotlight. The third year of extreme drought has meant that most of the growers in the Central Valley have no access to water from either federal or state projects. This means that the source of their water must come from groundwater reserves that have to be pumped from far below the surface.

  • Spring in the Central Valley of California once again has seemingly come and gone in an accelerated manner. We have come off the first quarter of the year with very little rainfall after a promising start in November and December. We are now moving in the second year of materially below average rainfall amounts with possibilities of hearing the dreaded “D” word on a consistent basis.

  • The membership of the California Grape and Tree Fruit League recently were surveyed on the issues of most importance to them in 2013 and it was no surprise to see that the top three spots were once again labor related.