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President's Messages

  • The California Legislature returned from its July summer recess to once again to confront the reality that state is overdue on a budget. In fact as I write this message we are 57 days overdue and counting. Governor Schwarzenegger has estimated that for each day we go without a budget it costs Californians an addition $52.3 million. That’s each day. So to date that means we have squandered another almost $3 billion for a state that already has a $20 billion plus deficit. Not good financial management any way you slice it.

  • We are now well into the 2010 harvest season and thus far I would report that the results for our members are mixed at best to this point. Marketing wise we have witnessed a season that was delayed for up to two weeks by cool weather in the spring and early summer. Timing on harvest was impacted and competitive pressures were intensified for some commodities such as peaches.

  • When the members of the California Grape and Tree Fruit League put together their “Top Ten Issues” for 2010, “Invasive Pest Issues and Quarantines” was listed at number 5. Given recent events whereby the European Grapevine Moth (EGVM) was discovered in Fresno County the last week of April I would now be surprised if in the event that list was put together today that those concerns would now be anything other than number 1.

  • April 26th was the “official” start in the San Joaquin Valley of the “heat” season. Why? Because the forecast high temperature for the central and southern portions of the valley were at 85 degrees or above. At these levels the mandatory provisions of the state’s heat illness prevention regulations in regard to providing shade go into effect. Of course, as we have often stated, employers should always be aware of how to prevent heat related illness no matter what time of the year.

  • Last week the League held their 74th Annual Meeting in Carmel Valley. The meeting provided a wonderful opportunity for attendees to visit with new and old friends. In excess of two hundred members and guests enjoyed great fellowship and heard valuable information concerning labor law history as well as food safety traceability initiatives during two separate workshop sessions.