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Top 10 Issues

The California Fresh Fruit Association’s Board of Directors was surveyed in December 2018, ranking the top issues for the coming year. Here are the results: 

  • Federal Immigration Policies: Current and Future Labor
  • Increasing Wage Costs (Base Wages/OT Thresholds)
  • Water Supply Availability and Curtailment
  • Immigration Enforcement (I.C.E)
  • Groundwater Management Requirements (S.G.M.A.)
  • Labor Regulatory Compliance 
  • Water Quality and Clean Drinking Water Regulations 
  • Federal and State Food Safety Compliance Requirements 
  • Health Care Costs (Policy Costs/Paid Sick Leave)
  • Plant Health Materials (Pesticides/Herbicides/Fungicides) 

The 2018 legislative year created many difficult hurdles for our membership to address, while honing their focus towards issues that they would like to see the Association work on in 2019. From changing water policies, to changes in labor standards, food safety protocols and compliance issues, to healthcare and access to plant health materials; actions taken by the State and Federal Governments have created an environment in which it will be difficult for agriculture operations to survive. As always, it will be the Association’s goal to work on behalf of its members to address these issues and many more, in an effort to create a better working environment for their businesses.